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Sociotags is a plug-in for Movable Type 4 that adds a list of "sociotags" to your entries. Sociotags are the little images you may have seen on various pages that let you add the page to Digg, Technorati,, Slashdot, etc.

The Sociotags plugin includes a huge array of references to page sharing sites, and each of them can be enabled or disabled. With sociotags enabled, you'll get a box that looks like this (not an exhaustive list):



  1. Download Sociotags for Movable Type, and extract the archive file.
  2. Upload the contents of the "mt-static" folder to the "mt-static" folder in your Movable Type installation.
  3. Upload the contents of the "plugins" folder to the "plugins" folder in your Movable Type installation.
  4. Go to Preferences -> Plugins for each of the blogs where you want to enable Sociotags.
  5. Go to the Sociotags plug-in, press "Settings," and click on the "Install Templates" button. This will install the necessary stylesheet template.
  6. Go to the templates list, and rebuild the Sociotags stylesheet templates.
  7. Go back to the Sociotags settings, check the "Enable" box, and click "Save Changes."
  8. For each template for which you plan to use Sociotags, add the following line between the <head> and </head> tags (if you are using the MT4 default templates, go to Template Modules and edit the "Header" template):


  1. Add the following tag to the templates that generate your entries (if you are using the MT4 default templates, your best best is probably to edit the "Entry Metadata" template):


  1. Add a link to the Sociotags for Movable Type page on your own blog on all pages where the Sociotags are shown (you'll probably want to do this in the "Footer" template). The software is free of charge, but you must add a link.
Note: to use Sociotags for Movable Type, you must place a link to the Sociotags for Movable Type page on your own blog on all pages where Sociotags is used to display quotation boxes.

Please use the comments for bug reports and feature requests.

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xenon said:

How Can I use this plugin that be:

It's Work this Mode for me:

When i change , this plugin dosen't works, please help me.

Ole Wolf said:

You seem to have forgotten to install the style sheet. Pay attention to step 5, step 6, and step 8. Most likely you've forgotten one of these steps.

Or, maybe you forgot the last '$' sign in , which I seem to have forgotten in the instructions above (sorry--it's fixed now).

Ole Wolf said:

Yes: you're missing the Template Installer plug-in that is listed under Requirements. Get it from MT-Hacks and install it before installing the Sociotags plug-in.

Steve said:

Hey there. Great plugin. I am having a bit of trouble installing on MT 4.01. On step 5 when I click "install templates" I get an overlay with this error:

An error occurred
Unknown action install_blog_templates

Any ideas? Am I missing something?


shane said:

So I'm getting an error when I use this plugin. I'm using MT 4.01:

Fatal error: Smarty error: [in evaluated template line 50]: syntax error: unrecognized tag 'mtsociotagstyles' (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 580)

I have the template installer in..and I put the "" in my Entry Metadata and the "" in the head tags just before the


Ole Wolf said:


I'm afraid I'm not sure what's wrong with your Sociotags installation. Some possible reasons:

1. Have you checked the permissions of the "lib" directory under plugins/Sociotags and the permissions of /plugins/Sociotags/lib/ The directory should be "rwx" readable by the web server, and the file should at least be "r" readable by the web server.

2. Maybe you need to turn the Sociotags on for your blog in the Plugin Settings. This shouldn't really cause the error you're seeing, but please let me know if it helps.

shane said:

Hey Ole, thanks for the help. Still no luck...

I set the lib folder to 777 and the .pm file to 755. The sociotag is enabled in the plugins/settings. Regarding the template installer plugin, all you have to do is just install it, right? You don't have to install any templates other than the Sociotag template ,correct?

Ole Wolf said:


Yes, the Template Installer is simply installed, and the Sociotags plugin will invoke it when you press the button in the Sociotags settings. Look in your templates list and see if the sociotags.css stylesheet is there. If it is, then probably it's installed right.

But, the worst thing that can happen if the Sociotags stylesheet template isn't installed correctly is that you'll get an output that doesn't look too good.

Movable Type is supposed to be case insensitive, I think, but just to make sure, have you typed the tag in the template exactly as shown in step 8, with dollar signs and the same use of upper/lower case?

If so, try and see what happens if you omit the MTSociotagStyles tag. If the sociotags are nonetheless shown (as a bulleted list or similar), then ... well, I don't know how that could work, but at least then we can make a work-around.

megan said:

I sign in with my Typekey account and go to download the file and it says I still need to login..

Janitor said:

I'm having the same problem as megan... I think something is broken?

Ole Wolf said:

Megan and Janitor: sorry about the late reply.

I've had other people logging in who had various problems with Typekey, but you're evidently able to submit comments using your Typekey accounts, so I'm not sure what's causing the problem.

I realize my suggestion is not particularly service minded, but at the moment my suggestion is that you register on the blog as "regular" (i.e., non-Typekey) users and download the Sociotags plugin that way.

zendonut said:

Ugh, I hit the same typekey error trying to download this.

This plugin looks cool, and I'm looking forward to trying it out, but please consider turning off the need to log in in order to download it. I'm not sure what you're hoping to gain by doing that, and for now all you're accomplishing is needlessly adding a barrier to entry.

OK, got everything installed, but I'm scratching my head over this step in your docs:

6. Go to the templates list, and rebuild the Sociotags stylesheet templates.

I'm still somewhat green to MT so I'm not sure what you mean by this. I can navigate to Design->Templates and I see the "Sociotags Styles" template, but there's no big glowing "Rebuild!" button next to it, so it's not obvious how to do what you say here.

I can "Refresh" the template, at which point MT says Skipping template 'Sociotags Styles' since it appears to be a custom template.

Currently the plugin appears to work, though with ugly output; the links appear as entries in a vertical bullet list, so it looks like an unstyled <ul>. I am guessing there's a stylesheet issue somewhere on my end, which I could fix if only I understood step 6!

yuccalab said:

ok, typekey login doesn't work to download....and your new user authentication email has yet to arrive (cked spam filters, et all). "Move along, their is nothing to see here...."


Solomon said:

Would like to give it a try but the download link is busted:
Application error
Rails application failed to start properly

Ole Wolf said:

Solomon: yes, unfortunately an upgrade at my web host caused my issues tracker and download provider application to stop functioning. I haven't had the time to look properly into it yet, but hopefully I'll find the time within the next few weeks.

Solomon said:

Ah, bummer. I'll look forward to it getting worked out.

Solomon said:

Ole, I installed tonight. Thanks for getting the download fixed. Everything looks good, but my Fastsearch is now borked. I'm getting a smarty error, as well as on other dynamically generated pages. May I assume this plugin doesn't work on dynamic pages?

charlotte said:

I am posting here, because I downloaded your plugin, and I tried to follow your instructions to the letter.

I am not a programmer, but I figured I had sense enough to read and follow directions.

My problem is that after following the instructions, I did manage to get the bookmarks to appear at the end of a post, however, the bookmark is also mysteriously appearing at the top of my pages, where I included the tag.

I thought this tag was supposed to be placed before the tag, however, not supposed to display anything at that location.

Another issue is that when I remove the tag, the bookmarks appear in a column, which is not the way I would like for them to appear.

I would appreciate any advice you can offer on how to correct this.

charlotte said:

I recently posted on your site about the sociotags. However, after I was unsuccessful getting the bookmarks to display the way I wanted them to, I simply became frustrated and deleted the socio-tags plugin.

I'm okay with that because I will find something else that works better for me, however, my problem now is that the tags are still showing at the top of my entry pages, and I want them to go. They make my blog look horrible, and I can't seem to figure out why they are showing up because I removed all the tags.

I would appreciate any help that you can offer.

Ole Wolf said:


I'm sorry to hear you're having problems.

From what you're describing, I'm guessing you're probably new to Movable Type, as they both sound like basic Movable Type "newbie" problems:

In your first question, it sounds like you've accidentally placed the Sociotags template tags in the wrong places; if you're using a non-standard Movable Type installation, this is quite likely. The style sheet tag should appear in the template that creates the HTML "head" sections of your pages. The other Sociotags template tag should appear in those places where you want the actual Sociotags icons to appear.

In your second question, it sounds like you simply need to "rebuild all" of your site via Movable Type. That is, assuming you really did remove all of the Sociotags template tags.

charlotte said:

You are indeed correct Ole Wolf. I am a "newbie" to Movable Type. I surf the internet a lot. I've used wordpress for quite some time, and have become quite comfortable with it. But, I'd looked at several mt blogs, and just really wanted to get a feel for mt, because I was somewhat hoping that if I became good enough at it, I could take my blogging to a whole other level. Problem is that it has been quite a daunting task. And I'm pulling my 55-year-old hairs out of my head literally taking days to figure out simple tihngs.

Your sociotags had two tags. I'm assuming one of the tags governed the style of the tag (which I placed just before the html /head tag as instructed. The other, I assumed to be the tag itself, which I placed just after the post and before the comment and trackback tags in the entry template.

If you go to my blog, you will see that even though I have uninstalled the plug-in, the text-link version of the sociotags is still showing at the top of several pages, but I have double checked all my templates to be sure that I removed these tags.

In all my reading, I have continually run across these references to "rebuilding" my templates, but I don't understand that. I have not seen any specific instructions about that. So, I'm just frustated at this point.

I really liked your plug-in... and if I had not kept encountering the problem with the tags showing up at the top of the page, I would probably have continued to use it. But, the appearance was hideous.

But, another concern is that I not only wanted social bookmarking tags, I also wanted readers to have the option of emailing an entry, without cluttering up the post. So, in light of all the frustration, that is why I decided to uninstall the plug-in. Because even though I liked yours, I was still going to have to look for a plug-in that would provide a way to include the option to email a post.

At this point, I'm frustrated, and want to get this clutter off the top of my pages.

Kristine said:

Thanks for making this addon! I just have two quick quesitons. First, for some reason the "Twitter" alt info text (whatever it's called when the picture doesn't show up) says "Facebook" instead of "Twitter". Where would I go to quickly change this text?

The reason I noticed this is directly related to my second question: I think my mt-static directory is in a different location than you are linking to in your code and therefore the icons aren't showing up. Where would I go to edit the path to the pictures? Thanks in advance for you help. I really appreciate an addon that has an author willing to help people.

whoismark said:

Sociotags is great script

mattjfox said:

This is awesome thanks so much!

mattjfox said:

Thanks this plug-in is awesome!

I am also having similar problems -- the plugin works fine but the icons are coming out in a bullet list, not a horizontal line. Any suggestions?

chas.lehardy said:

I, too, loaded the plugin in my MT 4.3 installation and after following the instructions, ended up with a bulleted list display of the icons. Haven't tried troubleshooting, but I notice that the CSS uses ul's, so I wonder if there can be a problem with the sociotags css getting overwritten by my MT css? I have a lot of custom styles and templates. Any thoughts?

On a 2nd point, would it be possible to add an "email this post to" feature as one of the optional tags?

polisadem38 said:

MT 4.3 installation and after following the instructions, ended up with a bulleted list display of the icons. Haven't tried troubleshooting, but I notice that the CSS uses ul's, so I wonder if there can be a problem with the sociotags css getting overwritten by my MT css? I have a lot of custom styles and templates. Any thoughts?oyun

On a 2nd point, would it be possible to add an "email this post to" feature as one of the optional tags?

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