In Mantissa by John Fowles, a man wakes up in hospital with total amnesia. He does not know his name or his profession. Soon his muses begin to haunt him and demand that he write, however, and he realizes he must have been an author.

I never think of myself as an author, an inventor, an artist, or other kind of particularly creative person, but every now and then I can't help reacting on a whisper from the demons within that drive me to become at least somewhat creative whether that be in writing, engineering, or other means of construction. This blog is intended for my English texts so they won't clutter my "real" blog, which is in Danish. Most of the initial blog entries are texts that have appeared elsewhere, but I expect the blog to be updated every now and then.

I'm Ole Wolf. I'm an electrical engineer, an occasional project manager, and a work process expert. I practice the martial art of ninjutsu, and enjoy working with electronics, photography, and carpentry in my workshop in our basement.

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