The Art of Hunting Trolls

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The forest of Rold in Denmark includes an area that is known as the troll forest owing to the eerie shape of the trees. There is a perfectly natural explanation for that, but that will have to wait, because this is about the secret behind troll hunting.

Troll hunting is difficult because you cannot enter the troll forest with the desire to hunt trolls. Everywhere you look you will see oddly shaped trees but trolls are nowhere to be seen.

Troll Forest in Rold Skov
Troll Forest in the forest of Rold in Denmark. But where are the trolls?

The secret behind troll hunting is that the trolls will not appear until you cease looking for them. It is when you forget your business that the trolls begin to appear. Often a curious face will peek from behind the roots of a fallen tree, or a troll may be napping against a trunk. Soon you will see trolls everywhere in all shapes and sizes, and you feel them blowing down your neck and wink at you in time with the movement of the trees. But as soon as you begin looking for more trolls, you will not find any.

A somewhat camera shy troll, but visible nonetheless.
The same thing happens if you attempt to find a good topic to write about. You cannot simply choose a topic and expect to find profundities. You must study the topic carefully, and suddenly meaning emerges. Of course, not all forests are troll forests, and some topics are more prone to insight than others.

Trolls are shy and will hide when you approach them. There is often but a piece of wood or bark left when you walk towards them. But if you keep a proper distance, you will often be able to point them out for your companions who may not have seen them yet.

Not all troll hunters are skilled. The trolls usually hide from troll huntes with too much sense in their heads who see nothing but trees. When they hunt for trolls, they search for the darkness with flashlights, trying to create trolls where there are none. When they are asked to describe the troll, they can rarely point at the nose, the eyes, and the mouth at the same time, seeing the entire face of the troll. They often describe a single closed eye that soon turns out not to belong to any troll. They also have difficiulties recognizing trolls that are found by more skilled hunters.

Hush! This troll has not seen us yet.
Such people are rigid, and trolls are afraid of that. Trolls are part of the forest, and they quickly hide if they sense that a person lacks the life and movement of the forest. (This is also the reason why it is very difficult to take photographs of trolls, because the trolls know that the photographs will freeze them.) This is what makes troll hunting so difficult: you cannot become part of the troll forest until you forget that you are hunting trolls.

The unfortunate troll hunters generally have difficulties understanding abstractions, analogies, symbols, and intuitive explanations, are are rarely creative.

It is the unfortunate troll hunters who attempt to find profundities in their favorite topics or activities even if there is nothing to be found. Skilled troll hunters will find that certain topics provide a myriad of trolls.

Some mystery cults would probably have sent the apprentice into Rold forest with no explanation but an instruction to come back once the apprentice had learned something. I will wish you happy hunting instead.
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I LOVE this post, Ole!! Truly wonderful, my bright and creative friend! How I wish that all the people who so desperately need this would drop everything to read your wise and magical words!:)

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