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If anyone would ever deny absolutism, it would be the Devil. After all, the Devil refuses to acknowledge God's omnipresence and omnipotence, and considering the so-far unsuccessful battle of his "good" versus the Devil's "evil," evidence does suggest that the Devil has a point: there is room for the Devil's alternative and thus presumably other alternatives as well.

The Devil sides strongly with mankind: He considers all religion to be man-made, able to be shaped and formed according to man's desires and opinions. Like the divine idols of wood, clay, or metal, no god nor law is eternal; every statue and statute may be destroyed or reformed as is seen fit by the same hands that crafted them.

History proves the Devil right. Every religion and every ideal has either changed to keep up with human evolution or has died trying. No ideal has ever stood sure, and no ideal ever will. Every law, culture, and ideal was invented by humans and reached through human conflict and consensus, and has steadily adapted to always model contemporary human desires for a preferred social direction. What was once freedom and liberty may have become enslavement and subjection, and customs have continuously been banned, emerged, or rediscovered.

Even so-called "absolutes" have always been confined within time and reach; for example, "freedom of speech" is only allowed within the limits of the law, which is itself dynamic and always subject to corruption or remedy—depending on the point of view. To claim that freedom of speech, or any other principle, is absolute is to claim that freedom of speech is beyond human decision. It is a belief in divine power, and the Devil refuses such views.

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